Casting for Muffin Man presented its own unique problems. We needed a cast of thousands ... thousands of pounds, that is!

Since we knew it probably wouldn’t be difficult to find a thin talented actress with stars in her eyes, we focused our search on acquiring fat actors.

Pickle Tub Productions ran ads in local Seattle papers as well as in eastern Washington, Oregon and Los Angeles audition websites. They took a simple approach at first and put in ads which read "FAT ACTORS wanted, male & female, for feature film".

Illustrative of America’s confusion about weight, this elicited an inordinate number of calls from chubby men and curvaceous women (i.e. 5’7" and 150 lbs) who thought they were fat. For the next ad, they were more specific; the audition notice read: "FAT ACTORS WANTED, 300 + lbs."

Over 145 people auditioned for the 7 primary roles.

Jack’s character was a casting challenge. The role demanded a cocky fat kid in his 20s who, as the romantic lead, was also easy on the eyes. Many actors auditioning couldn’t fulfill the last criteria. The role also demanded a versatile actor with a wide range of abilities.

"It was the first role I landed with any real meat to it," said Ben.

The role of Mom required a fat older woman who could convey an element of physical intimidation. About 8 women had auditioned when one of the actresses missed her appointment. Auditions were being held in small groups and someone was needed to read the role of Mom.

"Steve had read for both Jack and T-Bone - but wasn’t physically right for either role. He’d read so wonderfully though, that I kept him around. I wasn’t serious about having him audition for the part of Mom. We just need someone to fill in for the read," explained Eisner. However, as soon as Steve assumed the character of Mom, it became clear that he was the right ... er, man.

"He was perfect!" said Culpepper.

"He was a riot," added Eisner. "It was as if I’d written the part for him." Steve never balked at the offer to play Mom.

"Acting is my passion," exclaimed Hodgson.


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