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Summary: A truly original movie!

I'm watching this movie and laughing so hard my slightly overweight belly is reverting to poorly molded jello in an LA temblor. I am also weeping (in my heart) for the sad state and frailty of the human ego and our proclivity for letting our natural drives go wildly out of control.

Muffin Man has great music, graphics, photography, adequate acting and mordantly funny narration. Muffin Man is a hybrid product, an ad hoc mixture of tones, styles and format which is something that challenges the meager minds of the current socio-economic Hollywood establishment: a truly original work! And the message is too scary and real to be laughed at, especially these days. The world will not end with the bang of a terrorist's viral bomb, or with the whimper of starving humanity, but the deep-throated fart of fat overconsumption.

Randall Frakes, Author (Titanic, The Terminator, Terminator 2)
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Summary: This ain't the Farrelly Brothers

If you're looking for cheap jokes, personal put-downs, and physical comedy, this movie probably isn't for you. Muffin Man is a dark, poignant, cerebral comedy that stabs at the heart of all of our social ills.

Unfortunately it was not without its problems. On the plus side, it was wickedly funny with a very sharp wit. There were a lot of subtleties that make you do a second take. Also, I especially loved the music - I really want a copy of the soundtrack. On the minus side, the production was a bit campy. Not sure how to describe it, but it had more of a cult feel than a mainstream production - I'd really like to see it on a big screen, I only watched a promo version on DVD. I'll give it a 7 on a scale of 10.

Summary: Oh my, this is a funny movie

I was in Seattle on business and just happened to attend a private screening of Muffin Man. I laughed so hard I thought I would wet my pants! I think some of the people in the audience were somewhat offended but that didn't stop them from laughing too. To whomever made this movie: please make another one! I can't wait till it plays in New Jersey so I can tell all my friends to see it.


Summary: A Fabulous movie!

Congratulations on a fabulous piece of work.  The camera angles, detail to the set, the visuals (film clips, computer images) were totally state of the art.  The message, both watching those poor flabby bodies trying to move, trying to make love, and the true tragedy of addiction to food, touched me. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or to cry when Jack couldn't reach the popcorn ball.  This is a problem of growing importance from both a humanistic and species-related perspective.  I liked the concept of Hope being stuck with the choice of survival -- domestic abuse or adaptation to the muffin-based reality.  Especially how depression led her to the inevitable.  I will do everything I can to make my friends aware of your production.  I will do it for the facts you so brilliantly displayed in black and white at the end.

Carla St. Laurent, M.D.


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