Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HD Edition?
    Do you want High Definition? The Muffin Man HD Edition is for you!  This is a 2 disk set, and it includes a
    BONUS disk in the Windows Media 9 Series format.  If you have an HDTV (or a high resolution
    monitor) connected to a computer running Windows XP or later, then you're all set.  Don't have an HDTV yet? No
    problem - the "standard" DVD is included in the package as well.

    Please note that the HD Edition disc WILL NOT PLAY in a Blu-Ray player! It is for computer playback only. However, the resolution and color space is the same 1080P quality as a Blu-Ray disc.

What are the system requirements for the High Definition disc?
    *  Microsoft Windows XP or later
    *  Windows Media Player 9 Series or higher
    *  2.0 GHz processor or equivalent
    *  Internet Explorer
    *  64MB Video Card
    *  1024 x 768 screen resolution (1920 x 1080 recommended)
    *  16 bit sound card

I'm interested in selling/renting Muffin Man in my store
     Excellent choice!  Just send an email to sales@MuffinManTheMovie.com for wholesale pricing. 

 Will you ship outside of the USA?
     Yes - please order from our International Store to cover the international shipping costs.

     Please note that the DVD is only available in NTSC - but it is NOT region coded, so it should work on any DVD
     player that will play NTSC discs. If you are in a PAL country, your DVD player might play the disc.  If not, you can
     watch it on a computer DVD drive (either the regular disc, or the HD version).

My HD Edition Disk won't play!
This may be because the autorun setting on your computer has been disabled. To play your DVD, you can open up
    "My Computer" from your desktop and double click the icon that appears representing your DVD Rom drive. If that does
     not work, try opening Windows Explorer, go to your DVD Drive, and double click on the "start.hta" file.  If this prompts
     you as to which program to use, select Internet Explorer.

    Also, some anti-spyware programs may have conflicts with the HD-Edition DVD.  Disable programs and try again.

 Why is the video playback on the HD Edition disk choppy?
     1.  Make sure your computer meets the system requirements above
     2.  Close any other programs to free up system resources
     3.  Update your graphics card drivers

Where else can I get Muffin Man?
     Muffin Man is available on Amazon.com, CinemaNow, NetFlix, and at your local video rental store.

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please email info@MuffinManTheMovie.com



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