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BEN DUNN (Jack Sprat)

Ben is 23 years old and recently graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA. He has been acting for over a decade and was featured in the educational film series “Teens Talk About Sex” at the age of 15. He has primarily performed around Seattle with theatre companies such as Breeder Theatre (Soap Bubble), The Seattle Shakespeare Festival (Wild Oats) and The Seattle Fringe Festival where he performed his critically acclaimed one man show, “The Field”. This is his first feature film.


Michelle was born 21 years ago in Caracas, Venezuela and has been acting since the age of five. She has done considerable voice work including radio commercials for Seattle businesses and being co-host of the Kidstar Radio show. Her considerable acting experience includes numerous small local productions as well as roles in the Bill Nye, Science Guy series and the Seattle Children’s Theater. She is currently enrolled as a full-time student majoring in Diagnostic Ultrasound at Seattle University. Michelle enjoys eating dark chocolate, Thai & Venezuelan food, reading, working out and cleaning in her free time


Teri is 24 years old and has had limited acting experience. His work has included small roles in local community theatres and student films. Muffin Man was his first major role in a feature film. He primarily earns his living working in a bank – but has been trying to carve out a career in acting. He enjoys playing with his daughter, laughing, music, and WWF Smackdown wrestling in his free time
STEVE HODGSON (Mom and the voice of Pie)

Steve was born 33 years ago in Wisconsin, but proudly states that he is a Montanan “by the grace of God”. Steve trained in acting, voice, directing and stage combat at the University of Montana and toured with the Montana Repertory Company. His stage work has included the roles of Max Prince in Neil Simon’s “Laughter on the 23rd Floor”, Stephano in “The Tempest”, Summerhays in Shaw’s “Misalliance” and Babbybobby in “The Cripple of Inishmaan. He enjoys fishing, music, traveling and sleeping in his free time.

Angel was born 29 years ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her only acting training consisted of one class she took in high school but she’s managed to land several interesting roles. These include parts in the films “Childhood’s End” (1996) and Gravitas (2000) as well as commercials for Subway (1996) and an Infomercial Diet Aid. Angel is also a multi-talented artist. She enjoys Anime, music, reading, garlic, flirting, geeks, and personal drama (which she draws on for her acting).



Angela was born some thirty-odd years ago and grew up in the Puget Sound region. She can be seen doing improv at Seattle venues such as Black Box Theatre and The Northwest Folk life Festival. Muffin Man was her first role in a feature film.

Mike was born some forty-odd years ago. He too is a stand-up comic and can be occasionally be seen doing improv at Seattle venues such as The Comedy Underground but his day job is in the Windows Media division at Microsoft. In his free time Mike enjoys spending time with his family. Though Mike has always had an interest in film and has worked behind the scenes, Muffin Man provided him his first acting role in a feature film.
”I am treating this as a grand adventure, working my way through uncharted territory.” Mike said. “I have no idea when the trail I am on is going to end, so I am going to enjoy the journey while it lasts.”


Preston (Himself)

Preston has lived a long and sordid life, serving junk food to upper-middle class families. He claims to be a direct descendant of R2-D2 but we have our doubts.  He can be seen posing in the occasional Sharper Image catalog.


DAVE ELVIN (Narrator)

Dave Elvin is 35 years old and has lived in Seattle for an eighth of a century. He has journeyed throughout the commercial radio landscape, most recently as a DJ at the popular Seattle station “The Mountain”. He currently does voice-over work for radio, film and television as he fends off the threat of a 9-5 job. And no, he doesn’t always talk like that.

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