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Extinction isn’t pretty – especially when it’s your own species. Especially when it’s caused by your own excess. Especially when it’s caused by … Muffins?

Muffin Man is our future. It is the future we are creating with our insatiable love for processed food, video games, and SUV’s. The key word in this future is: excess.

Combining the humor of Woody Allen’s Sleeper, with a touch of the Discovery Channel, Jessica Eisner M. D., has written a screenplay that is uncomfortably hilarious.

Muffin Man is a “Mockumentary” of the downfall of the human species due to our social excesses (mostly over-eating). Thousands of years in the future, anthropologists from a distant galaxy are studying the ancient planet, Earth. Presented as a history lesson, the story follows the evolution of the human race from Homo Sapiens (Modern Man) to Homo Twinkus (also known as … “Muffin Man”), while simultaneously interweaving an age-old love story: Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl's abusive ex-boyfriend tries to steal girl back. Boy fights ex-boyfriend and wins his love's heart. Boy has ill-fated encounter with one too many donuts.

Through scientific discovery the aliens in Muffin Man piece together our story of extinction by consumption.

Dr. Eisner tackles excess with truthfulness and great humor. She does not shy away from mocking our over abundant lifestyle. In smart and clever ways she points out our inability to control our dangerous urges.

We live in a world where a record number of Americans are overweight – and the rest of the world is catching up fast. We are living in a time when food is abundant and omnipresent. Unfortunately, our bodies have not evolved to accept these fabricated foods and certainly not in the quantities we consume.

This mockumentary suggests that in fifty years we are still struggling with this “evolutionary” change.

As with many anthropological reconstructions of an unknown civilization, the alien scientists in Muffin Man are bound to get a few things wrong … and therein lies the opportunity for great humor. Problem solving is demonstrated by the ability to get every potato chip crumb out of a can. Religious constructs are interpreted as originating from cheese (e.g. the garden of Edam). And Thanksgiving is followed by National Regurgitation Day.

But don’t get too comfortable.  Eisner tackles all our excesses: Prisons, plastic surgery, wealth, poverty, war, religion, and entertainment.  So for only fifty cents more, super size that Coke, get a bucket of popcorn covered in a buttery flavored product, take a seat and be prepared to laugh your big, fat ass off.


Anthropologists find evidence of strange burial rituals on planet earth


Jack makes Sushi Muffins


Jack's Girlfriend, Hope


Jack's sex thang, Pumpkin


Jack's friends cheer him on


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